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Electro magnet saturation.

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:? I've made an DC electro magnet with a ferrite E core to lift metalic plates.
I know that by increasing the ampere turns(NI) on the core will increase the strength of the magnet.
I've been told that ferrite cores saturate at 0.3T.
I'm trying to use as little current as posible (to maximise power efficiency)
i find that even after squezing 250 turns and running 0.5A though the coils, the magnet is not saturated. (it is stronger when I run 1.0A though the coils)
Q1. is there a limit to how many turns(how little current) I can run through my E core?
Q2. Could someone give me an experiment to investigate saturation using DC? (i've tried measuring the voltage accross and the current through the core but all I get is a linear V=IR relationsip)

I'm sure there is something simple but I've failed to get my head around it. :oops:



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get more turns. it is not that hard tu put some wire and turn it.
increase the turns, maybe double them, but i suggest to stop after each 50 or so to see if it is working better.
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