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Easy cheap RF modules

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Dear Friends,

I wish to start using a pair of wireless modules.

Which are the cheapest and easiest to get working?

I will be using CCS pic compiler PIC16 series

prefer one which there is alot of samples and tutorials on net

Many thanks.


Ian Rogers

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SparkFun US have a great selection at good prices.
The 315 or 433 Mhz Rf boards work well provided you use Manchester encoding.

They deliver quickly and its was far cheaper than buying their products from their uk distributor who did not have them in stock anyway.
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Cheap and easy are mutually exclusive. You can get super easy ones that are expensive or hard ones that are cheap. I think you need to define what you think is cheap and how easy you want.

I think the RFM12B's are good as well. If you want to be able to talk both ways then they are the same price as dual transmitters and dual receivers for the link style modules.
If you want super easy then the XBee stuff is for you.
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