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Eagle pro...making 4 layer board a 6 layer board?

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Hello, In eagle I have a 4 layer board thus ...1+2*15+16
I want to add two extra layers to make it 6 layers....how do I add the extra layers just inside the outer layers?............ie I want to do this, adding layers 3 and 14.....1+3+2+15+14+16
However, Eagle wont let me do it like this.....it will only let me add layers inside the existing layers.


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I think there is a way to copy/move from one layer to another.
I can't remember...maybe through a ULP or SCR. Try going to down load ULP/SCR and search for change layer.
This way you can copy everything from 2 to 3 and get the effect you want.
At the end rename the gerber files before you ship them.
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