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Eagle package for MRF24J40MA and Junebug Programming!

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Hi i have made this package for the MRF24J40MA transceiver.I want to ask whetehr i have made any mistake with regard to the pins etc.If this is fine i will post a board for this transceiver also.And here are a few questions:

1) Will my Junebug be able to program the 18LF4620( i do think so but just want to confirm)?

2) Are thier any 3 volt low drop out regulators available in packages that are not SMD and are easily available. I can just use normal 3-3.6 v regulators if some one can just give me some chips?

Will these do?


They will be used to power the 18LF4620,transceiver.

I have attached the datasheet of the transceiver and the page number describing the package is 7.


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