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Eagle 5.5 is out

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Did they rewrite the interface yet? :p

Eagle has the features, but it's interface is so sucky. It's the old style cam/cad interface design before they knew how to use a mouse effectively. It's so non-standard when it comes to modern applications that I just can't stand using it.

Almost any raster drawing program is easier and quicker to use. :(

Brian Hoskins

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Eagle has the features, but it's interface is so sucky.
Eagle has some strange interface methods which at first can be difficult to accept, but my personal experience is that if you persevere with Eagle and go through the pain barrier then those very same methodologies, that on first impressions you criticised, actually become extremely useful!!! In fact, now I don't think I'd want to use Eagle without them.

Eagle is one of those applications that to make use of you must first suffer pain, but having suffered pain you reap great rewards.

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I only played with it for a few minutes. Not exactly unlike an auto-route for a selected trace.

There are two mode. One is as best I can tell a full auto-route for 1 trace. The second routes from the cursor to the closest pin on the route.

There me much I do not know about it.



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If you find an tutorials on the follow-me stuff, post it, because like everything in Eagle, the functionality certainly isn't intuitive.


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Ah. I didn't pay for the auto-router with my full version, just schematic and layout modules. I hand route everything, so I guess follow-me doesn't really apply to me.
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