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Does anyone have schematics on how to build a 230V strobe light?

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I was wondering if anyone have schematics on how to build a strobe light that runs on 230V. You know the flashy lights they use in discoes to make everything go in slo-mo.

I have found one, but it is constructed for 130V.

Would be nice if the flash-rate could be adjusted from slow (one flash a second or so) to almost constant light.

Thanks for answers, and let me know if you can't understand me :p


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Do you have schematic for the one you have?
Many of the strobe tubes are not designed for contiuous high speed flashing.
They take it for a bit but tend to have a melt down shortly after!

A typical strobe light charges up a capacitor that is anyhwere from 350 to 650 volts.
You may get luckey and only need to change a few simple components toe get the faster charge up times.
I cant say for certain without a schematic.


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I am running a little short on time, so I can't search at the moment, but if you do a yahoo search on stobe light circuits, there are alot out there. AC line voltage strobes are easier to make and more common then battery powered strobe circuits, so if you look, theres plenty out there. :)

Nigel Goodwin

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It's dead simple - the circuit includes a voltage doubler, just leave that out and it will work fine from 230V.

So delete D1, and delete C1 - but short C1's position out with a piece of wire.


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So D1 and C1 doubles the voltage? I can't see how. Could you explain?
(I know the function for a diode and a conductor)

But it seems to me that the circuit runs on DC. Wouldn't it be better to fiks that with 4 diodes?

Blatman Bond

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2KV Xenon Lamp Driver (strobe light)

I have one of the schematic, its my old project that used for airport SQFL research, might be help.:)
Its old version (2002) and free to be published. It flash for month at maximum intens 0.5 second duration each. Also pass outdoor test till replaced with the newer. If you need more power to charge faster, make it more power module in parallel (only two in parallel at this schematic).
Also good power factor, and friendly components (the mosfet can be replaced with other type).


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