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digital wind odometer

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:roll: i am loking for a circit for a digital wind odometer useing 3 7seg. led simple one will do hope some one can help


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What have you got for measuring the wind speed? Rotating cups or a propellor? Or a hinged plate that gets deflected by the wind?
With the former you usually get a pulse output from a slotted disk and optical sensor, feed this through a F to V converter and then a voltage reading display. The latter would simply have a low torque potentiometer at the hinge axix, used as a voltage divider.

If you do NOT have something to measure the wind speed, tackle that first. You'll find this MUCH more difficult than the electronic readout :wink:

Electronic wind speed indicators are not simple projects, especially the mechanical parts :( , as I found out the hard way. Been through several designs of a rotating cup type until I found a way to seal the tiny ball bearings for reliable roof top operation.
The other problem was how to calibrate that thing once it finally was working. I made a little wind tunnel with a multi speed fan and used a borrowed anemometer. Somebody might suggest doing the calibrations on the back of a moving pickup truck on a windless day. Easier said than done would be my reply.

Have fun


Nigel Goodwin

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You can also do it with no moving parts using ultrasonics, there were two articles last year in EPE Magazine, Jan 2003 for just a wind speed indicator, and Aug 2003 for a complete weather station - which uses four ultrasonic transducers to give direction as well as speed.
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