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Digital Speedometer/Tachometer

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I decided I wanted to make a digital speedo/tach as a fun project. So I just got a pic 16f877, hall effect sensor, and 7 segment led displays. But I am new to the electronics thing, but want to learn. Does anyone have any similar projects or can you help get started, hardware and programming. (circuit diagrams/layouts/code/any other hardware advice)



Take a look at my post in this thread:

I did a run through on a basic tachometer using an LED bargraph which could be easily changed to become a spedo with a 7-seg display. The methodology is for all intents and purposes the same. I made a similar project a couple years ago for a Kawasaki that I own. Wouldn't you know that the speed sensor on the bike makes 11 pulses for every revolution of my front wheel. Using 2*Pi*r I was able to figure out how far my motorcycle moved for every revolution. I'll leave the coding up to you!
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