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Digital Master Clock with 7 Seg LED Displays & Hourly Ch

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Specialized IC for digital clock

i want to make a clock using small amount of component. i find DS1307 but as fer as i know, it requires a micro-controller for which i have to program. unfortunately, i have no such facilities to program.
so i want a IC which is specialize for real clock and also avaliable in indian merkets.
plz help me.


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Awesome Project!

Thanks heaps for sharing this project, and putting such good documentation up for it.

I don't care at all that some might consider it too hard, or complex, that what's makes it so appealing in my book, I think this is an ideal application for a "Steampunk" design clock!

Has certainly got me thinking, and I really like the binary clock.

Kudos to you Oliverb!


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Great work Oliverb!!!

This is what i called a Master Clock System, woww, realy great work.
The documentation also is very very good!

I'm very interesting in the Binary Slave Clock. The schematic of this clock is very clear but is was wondering if there is a part list of this clock?


Sorry there is no parts list for this clock. The schematic was drawn up on Orcad for DOS which I no longer have. All I did was scan up an old printed sheet.
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