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DigiKey expensive shipping?

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I am going to order some things from DigiKey. I called to their international order telephone. The told me that shipping would be something like $26 the cheepest. And with fedex it would cost $75 to $80.

These prices are just insane, aren't they? I mean, i orderd some things from glichbuster.com and they took $2.8 for shipping to sweden with a 6-day time of delivery!

Is there anyone here from outside USA who has ordered things from Digikey? How much did it cost then, and how long time did it take?


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Where are you located in Sweden and what are you trying to purchase?

Some goods you buy are classified as dangerous cargo and may add some large costs to get them shipped. I'm in Canada and when I get stuff from Newark.com and they have to ship two seperate boxes on two seperate couriers when there is dangerous goods. Dangerous goods could be a lot of things too, glue, aerosol cans, even a roll of solder believe it or not.

The other thing with shipping is what type of service you are requesting, expedited, overnite, express..... etc.

Shipping also takes in to consideration your location within your own country, you could be in a rural area with no courier depots nearby.

Our rates are reasonable to Canada as we're right next door.

Try some other places like newark.com, future-active.com and mouser.com and check out their international services and see if prices are similar.

Also you can go right to UPS or FEDEX or Purolator's etc. websites and get a shipping cost estimate as well.

I use Newark.com a lot as their prices are good and shipping time is awesome as well as they take unbelievable care packaging things.

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