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Develop a digital attendance system for a class using Atmega32

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Mahmud Hasan

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Project concept

In this mini project, we have to develop a digital attendance system for a class. A teacher will hand over a device to the students of his/her class. Students, one by one, will enter their IDs. One student will enter his/her ID after pressing a “Start” button. After entering his/her ID (6 digits) the device will be locked for 30 sec. At the end of the class by pressing “Recall” button the teacher can see the absent IDs in the LCD display. He may note those down for his/her record.

For this mini project we decide to use Atmega32 micro-controller as it has the ability store and process the required data. The features of Atmega32 we are going to use are program ram, data rom, I/O ports, timer/counter, keypad, LCD display.

First all the id of the students will be stored in micro-controller data memory. When device power is on after pressing a “Start” button, device will ask the particular student to enter his or her 6 digits ID. After entering the ID, data will be saved in the register memory. The device then will be locked for 30 sec. Counter will be start and micro controller will take input of IDs of the total students by delaying 30 sec sequentially. After taking all the ID of the students, micro-controller then will be ready to execute its next command. When the teacher presses the “Recall” button after class, micro-controller will start comparison between previously stored students ID with input IDs. If input ID match with the stored id, micro-controller will not show that ID. If input ID does not match with the stored id, micro-controller will show that ID on LCD display. Teacher will then see the display and note down whose are absent in his/her attendance sheet.

what will be the code?. It will be a great help if you post the whole code. so that i can check it.

Les Jones

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In your first sentence you say "we have to develop a digital attendance system" but at the end of your post you seem to be asking for someone else to write the code for you. My understanding is that the teacher expects you to put some effort in to writing the code. People on this forum will assist you but they will not do ALL the work for you.



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Thread moved to "Homework Help".

Please note that we don't have a "Homework Done For You" section.

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