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  1. B

    Need help with schematic

    I am working on Smart parking project. Here is my schematic. I sent this to my professor and he said it is not right, i am not sure why. Also he said if i connect this to power source it will burn the source. I am new at this so i really need help. What am i doin wrong?
  2. W

    Creating AVR Applications with MS Visual code

    Dears This is my 1st post in this useful forum,welcome. To all who wants to use the powerful and flexible programming environment Microsoft Visual code to develop their AVR applications or don't know how to use it, I've uploaded a demonstration video on youtube which details this process, which...
  3. J

    Understanding Small part of AVR code

    Hello fellow Electro-Techs, thank you for your time!! I am currently in the process of combining my love for music with my fascination with ucontrollers and am trying to design a midi to cv converter by myself. I am analysing a code and am currently stuck with the following. It is for a...
  4. be80be

    AtmelStudio and LCD hd44780

    Joerg Wunsch wrote some lcd code I hacked to work on a attiny2313 figured I'd post this someone may want use it. I changed the code to just work with the LCD hd44780 /* * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42): *...
  5. M

    Develop a digital attendance system for a class using Atmega32

    Project concept In this mini project, we have to develop a digital attendance system for a class. A teacher will hand over a device to the students of his/her class. Students, one by one, will enter their IDs. One student will enter his/her ID after pressing a “Start” button. After entering...
  6. polprog

    Making a thermocouple thermometer with AVRs

    Hi everybody, I recently started to make amateur EE videos. Can you tell me what do you think? Thanks, Chris
  7. riccardo

    JTAG Daisy Chain Programming

    Hi, I have some devices which have an ATtiny1634 on them and an ISP header. I want to be able to program them all at the same time rather than repeatedly plugging in devices and pressing a button. I understand that a "JTAG Daisy chain is the way to go but I'm not sure how to implement it. The...
  8. D

    how i can use Interuption in program

    hi everyone , i have a problems about interuption in AVR atmega, i trying to solve a problems is Turn led with two buttons bt1 in pd2 (int0) bt2 in pd3 (int1) LED must be Eteine if it exceeds 20s staying on, for that you need to configure a temp basis interupption for each 1s and realize a...

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