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Design simulation for PMSM

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Hi there,

I need a suggestion how could I proceed, in Matlab simulink or Ltspice,

, mathematically I have managed all factors and formulas,

In a permanent magnet synchronous motor where inductances vary as a function of rotor
angle, the 2 phase (d-q) equivalent circuit model is commonly used for simplicity and intuition.

Need PI control, clarke and park transformation as well.
I will be happy if you can provide me any matlab code or similation file to study more.

Few factors are considerable,

Motor Parameters
Va = 18 [V] line-to-line voltage
Lq = 0.050 [H] q-axis inductance
Ld = 0.005 [H] d-axis inductance
Rs = 1.20 [Ohm] per phase stator resistance
Vs0 = Va*sqrt(2)/sqrt(3) [V] No-load line voltage
nmax = 20000 [rpm] Maximum speed
Is = 3.0 [A] Limited current
P = 4 [ ] Number of poles
Fsw = 50kHz Switching frequency
Torque @ 0 rpm = 0 [Nm] Start-up torque
Torque ramps-up in 2s
Steady-state torque @2s = 2.1 [mNm]


Not open for further replies.

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