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Design of power supply in automotive

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Hello all ,

I wish to design a switch mode power supply , dc-dc buck-boost converter, ('with Vin - from 12V to 48V ) and Vout from 2V to 20V with Iout - upto 6A, There are many IC's available from Ltspice and Texas Instruments. I have design the block diagram , but I am not sure what should be done at the output of the ECU, where the KL31 is neg for the ECU

The ECU (electronic control unit)
kl30 and kL 31, with pos and neg of the ECu

The output of the SMPS IC will be feed through the KL30 through the ECU , and then through KL 31 to the loads connected to the ECU .

In some cases there are multiple ECU's connected to ECU's.

A inverting power supply from kl31 should it be connected ? I am confused about the negative currents from the ECU back to the main power supply.




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Not sure what you're trying to do, but if you're thinking of injecting unknown signals of unknown voltages into the ECU's of a car, hope you have many of the ECU's in stock to replace the ones you blow up. :)


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SMPS can be tricky. Personally, I wouldn't trust a home-built one to power an expensive ECU.
What ECU requires a 20V 6A input/supply?
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