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Dell w2600 lcd tv

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I have a DELL W2600 LCD TV.....and it doesn't work reliably. It has a well known problem for this model: After several minutes of use, if you turn the display off and then back on it won't come back on. Searching the net, there are suggestions and some hints but no solutions. With nothing to loose but the permanent destruction of the TV (I would like to avoid), I have opened it up to see what I can see. Many people seem to think the power supply is the problem. After tinkering and reading an account of someone taking the PS of a known working W2600 and putting it in a nonworking one with no change, it would seem the problem is not the PS. So now I am faced with checking components on the main board. The problem seems to be one of low heat tolerance in a component. Since this model was discontinued fairly soon after production, it is possible that there was a bad batch of components that went into this model.

I would love to figure this out. I will need help.

Calling me a novice would be generous. I know how to solder and check voltages, resistance, transistor hfe and other functions of my multi-meter but that's about it.

I felt the need to tell my story and my limitations before asking my questions.
Hopefully, I haven't driven you off and you are still reading.

I have examined and re soldered broken/cold/dry solder joints. There were some suspect ones on a couple transformers in the PS. I don't see any others. I've replaced a couple capacitors as suggested in some of the Google results.
It would seem the power supply won't come out of stand-by. I think the mainboard is not providing that signal to the PS after it warms up. There is a stand-by pin that normally has 3.3VDC supplied by the mainboard but doesn't when the problem occurs. I've tapped 3.3 from a nearby pin to try to force the PS on but this does nothing.
Most components on the mainboard are surface mount and tightly grouped. It would be difficult for me to desolder them. I'll attempt it if advised to.

Does anyone have experience working on DELL W2600 LCD TV?

Thanks for any help and insight.
Not open for further replies.

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