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Damaged iPod Logic Board


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How would I go about replacing the audio chip on a logic board?

This is a picture of the logic board. I'm pretty confident that the audio chip is located in the bottom left hand side. Could anybody tell me if it's the bigger or smaller of the 2 chips in that vicinity?

Thanks for any help in advance.


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Oooooh....that chip ain't coming off without really expensive equipment...or coming back on.


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somebody sold me the ipod with the pretense of it needing to be restored via itunes. didn't work, so i switched out the HD with a spare one i had. battery also couldn't hold a charge so i switched that out too. everything worked, except the audio(which is somewhat important in an mp3 player), so i switched out the audio jack 3 separate times(yeah i know i have a lot of parts lying around), so my conclusion was that the fault was in the logic board.(also i tried to put pressure on the corner to see if the soldering was just lose = no effect)
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Video Warrior

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Did you give appropriate eBay feedback? Did you use PayPal to complete the deal? PayPal may or may not help you out with a claim.

You are right: always beware of those eBay "bargains".


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i have a sandisc ipod. in that i copy the songs. at that time the memory is filled. after that when i switch on that it says please delete some data, but i can't get into that. how to reset that. pl'z help me bro

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