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Cutoff Load while charging the Lipo battery

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I want to cutoff the battery from load, while charging it. Schematic of the designed circuit is attached. I have used a PNP transistor to do it. Positive terminal of the battery is connected to emitter, charger positive input is connected to base. Simulation is running good but I want to know would this circuit work in hardware? Is there any problem with the circuit?



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I cant see how this will stop charging the battery until the voltage reaches 5V-(forward drop of a Schottky diode) or about 4.8V.

Unless I dont understand where you are connecting the battery, your circuit simplifies to this:



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The problem with your original schematic is that it says "Charger Value= 5V" which is WRONG. It should say "Charger for single Lithium battery cell".


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Try an logic level N mosfet.
Connect G to IC Charge pin. S to GND. Load between +V and D.
When charging starts, mosfet shuts off and disconnects the load.
When charging stops, mosfet turns on and connects the load.

If not already using the charge pin to light LED, PU thru 47k resistor to +V.
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