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Current projects and a Hello

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Hey all.

Names, Josh. I've been tinkering with electronics for about 5 months now... I've was taught thw basics in the Air Force, but now I'm taking a more indepth approach to the stuff. I havent really built anything usefull, but I've done quite a bit of experimental circuits.

ANyway... What projects are you all working on?

I've got a small list at the moment:

A Workbench.

A power regulator circuit for a monster stepper I was given.

A pet-robot... using basic stamp for starters, but I just got a couple sample PIC16F877A chips in so i'm gonna try to utilize them.

A remote trigger for my potato gun. I'm looking to use some sort of spark generator (probably based on a taser design) tied to an IR reciever.


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Hi Josh,
I'm one of those guys who has a bunch of different projects in various stages of completion at any one point in time. My current major project is a PC fan controller - temperature and tacho inputs, autosetting fan speed, LCD UI, software control, failsafes, the works. I'm also trying to build a perspex PC case, modify my current case (window, spray, lights, fans, watercooling), change the leds in everything I can get at with an iron, build a well shielded audio switch, repair a dead CRT monitor and a dead TV and helping with a bunch of friends' projects. None of them will ever be finished.
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