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Counting on multiple ports

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I got a couple of steppers from some old disk drives. They have a magnetic sensor that will give a count for every turn.

Im asking ( or trying to) if it would be possible to use these for positioning where a unit is (for my giga pan head). i need to count the number from center to top left and bootom right, frame size. Then calculate the number of stops needed (number of frames). I also need to count the number of frames taken in order to know where to stop.

Is this a big deal to program or can it be done easy??


Shouldn't be too hard. Scanners and printers tend to just use steppers that are strong enough that under normal conditions they can't slip, and a simple touch switch at one end so it knows where to start counting from. But if you have a rotation sensor when it trips you can verify you stepper count to see if any slippage has occurred and correct for it if need be.
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