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Could I convert a small car to electric for 2100?


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My dad offered to fund 2100 to converting a small car to electric. I don't think this is at all possible but I would like to see some second opinions. The 2100 doesn't include cost of the car, thats a different matter. If this is or is not possible I would still love some resources to distributors of electric veichle parts and motors.


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Mostly right now I just want it to go a good 30 km and I would like to have it reach speeds of 80km/h. I don't have many far away places to go to but there are many 80km/h roads around me. Also batteries should be ignored in the price as well because right now if I hook him on to the idea he may add more to the the overall building costs. Not to mention my dad being the carophile has a bunch of lead-acid batteries around.

For the building part I am not putting together any circuits or wrapping any coils. I don't mind doing the internal wiring for connecting parts. And I could probably do some part scrounging around junkyards and some of my dad's carophile friends if they let me lol! I have a tendency to get easily frustrated with fiddling with the little things like small components and such.
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Yep, check you salvage and junk yards! watch your local papers for industrial auctions too. :)
Most E-lifts go cheap if the battery is bad. Rairly are the motors or controls all bad. Or at least ask a few questions and get to know why its for sale. :confused:

A dead E-lift can go for $500 to $1000 and when you are done stripping all the goodies you still have a few tons of good iron for the scap man. They pay better prices for big dense things too! :)
(Might want to keep sertain family members away when you haul it in!):D

Worth checking out! ;)
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