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! Cool Robot Names !

Name - Robots Purpose

FIRO - Fire Detector and Extinguishing Robot
MARSian - Mars Exploration Robot
JCBian - JCB excavation Robot
WiOM - Wireless Omni- Wheeled Robot


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Wow, this thread really goes on and on.
Those just sound a bit too like names robot makers would actually come up with for my liking. I like MARSian, though (known as Ian to it's friends???).
Ok, so I'm puzzled. What would "Omni-wheeled" be?


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Nooooooo...... iRobot
Looong taken - iRobot started years ago, manufacturing military bomb disposal robots and domestic robot vacuums!

My present semi-built robot has the name built in to the part designs already.
The wrist section is not attached at that, as the "tendons" for the fingers still need threading..


It's one of these, for anyone who's not heard of inmoov:

I'm not building the whole thing as it too big, just the hand and possibly the head, for novelty value.
(The hand needs the forearm to work, as the servos that actuate the fingers are housed in there).


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No more than "US Robotics", again from Isaac Asimov's robot books.
Prototype , the difference between US Robitics name and iRobot company names - ,for iRobot, the company existed for about 15-years BEFORE the movie was titled, iRobot (if you include the name "I, Robot", then the sequence is different).


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Something like AppleBot, iRobot, iBot, in-Tellegence, iDroid and so on)
If it will be a toy, it might be the iWonder (like these one).
Can we see a new Apple robot model every yer? x)

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