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! Cool Robot Names !


Souper man

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I have developed a line of robots called...
(drum roll please)

The pasta series!

The list as follows:

It gives me enough names too!
The Metranoid

has got to be my fav.
but someone has yet to produce a machine worthy of the name.

...but if i had to just make one up now...

Automatic Levitation And Stability Correction Apparatus or ALASCA for short : )
I really think the robot name should go with the the number of days it takes to come up with the name, added to the number of people who respond then divide it by pi.

IMO, Robot names should always be a number. But that's just me.


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I'm working on a robot for research that will move around in the surf near the shore and use tactile antenna sensors because the surf is murky for vision and too turbulent for radar or sonar. It's job will be to take measurements for biological research. I'm thinking I want it's name to spell "lobster", but I want the name to be accurate and not redundant. So now I'm thinking:

Lake and Ocean Biological Science Tactile Enabled Robot
Lake and Ocean Biological Sampling Tactile Enabled Robot
[SUB]Roset 2.5 Model EX47
Juni EtG5 19.0MHP Version 23

To make a name for a robot/android sound professional or like it was made form a professional company you might want to start off with giving it a creative name. Perhaps something that sounds European since many great electronics come from Europe. And add some numbers/letters that make it sound like a actual piece of technology { Or make it sound like a model code }. You could also add the words 'model' or 'version' because many companies make different versions or models of one product.

Thats just what I think. I'm not really a professional with this stuff so , ya know. . [/SUB]


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Talk about a thread that will not die

This was started May 2007 !
Yeah, but it's captured people's imaginations, obviously. People like that :)

I gave all my PC's animal names, starting with a rabbit theme. So a line following robot could be, er, Squirrel, after squirrel seen following a washing line, wire, etc.

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