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Controlling Air condition.

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I want to get a solution of controlling (ON/OFF) of A/C Split air conditioner. The AC is located in to an an maned communication station, and some times there is a power shut down of the main AC. Therefore the A/C required a physical contact to press the remote control of the A/C split Unit to start up. We are using digital microwave network linking our stations and we are using TDM Nokia multiplexing to drop channels at different station. The channel is a four fire circuit (4 wire + E and M signalling). Can any one give an idea on solving a such problem by introducing a circuit which can be representing the controlling of the Spit Air conditioner.


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I can only offer help on the AC system itself. Whatever you do I recommend that you first look at the manufacturer's information to see where they recommend connecting a remote signal. If there is no information then I'd suggest only opening/closing the same circuit(s) that the thermostat controls. Avoid just shutting main power to the unit on or off. There may be protective relays, timers, heating circuits, pumpdown controls, etc that are there to protect the equipment.
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