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Connecting LED's to outputs of a SRAM chip on Breadboard.

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I haven't had much experience w/ LED's so maybe you guys can help me out.

Here's the Deal:

I wanna connect LED's to the outputs of an SRAM chip (6116 2k ram). I will be using eight LED's to correspond to each of the 8 outputs. The LED's im using are "Red Large Diffused"(pretty technical huh.. lol) This is all on a breadboard. How would i go about wiring these? The way i could think of doing it was by connecting the positive pin of the LED to Vcc and the ground to whatever pin i wanted through a resistor is this correct?

Thnx in Advance


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You probably need to buffer the output lines on the SRAM; I doubt they can supply the current needed to light an LED. You can use transistors or find a 8 line driver chip as the buffer. Other than that the circuit seems like it should work. You need to remember that the Data lines are bi directional so the LED's will only light with reads form the chip.



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Here's a 6116 datasheet. The output stage is actually fairly beefy, capable of sinking at least 8ma while maintaining a good logic "0" level. You
You will need a resistor in series with each LED. Connect the anode of each LED to VCC, and connect a 390 ohm resistor from each LED cathode to an output. How do you intend to get data into the 6116? You will have to drive the LEDs when you write unless you put buffers between the 6116 and the LEDs.
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