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Hi all,

As I'm a newbie, I don't know how and where to get information from the internet to look for equivalent. I'm in the midst of making a soft-start switch for AC motor. The schematic said that I need a TRIAC (model: TIC253M). I couldn't find one in Singapore. But one of the shop told me an equivalent is available and it is, T2512NH. I bought it and I want to verify whether it is true. Can someone please help.

Also, the schematic requires an IC chip manufactured by Telefunken (model: U208B). Again, I can;t find one in Singapore. This time, it is even worse. No one seems to know is there an equivalent.

Appreciate very much if someone can help me on the above. Many thanks in advance.



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Most Triacs are very similar in operation. The only things you have to worry about are voltage ratings, current ratings, and pin outs.

try searching google for datasheets on the different models. Also www.digikey.com can also offer a way to find parts (most parts contain links to datasheets as well)
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