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Component Identification Help

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Hey guys,

I was needing some help in identifying a component from the following picture:

I am not sure what the yellow box component is on that board (there are two of them). It looks from what I can see that the text on it is as follows:


The reason I ask is because i am building a similar board using parts of his circuit diagram and cannot cross reference that part with anything on his schematic. I've attached his schematic just in case anyone was wondering what the schematic looks like. Any help is appreciated.



They look like SMD noise suppression capacitors to me, someone else here should be able to help you out with the markings, I'm not so good at reading them. The little soldered wires nearby the top of the first one and bottom of the second one leads me to believe they were added after the PCB was finalized because they had a problem without them, otherwise they would be soldered directly on to trace without such hacked jumpers.


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It's a 47u tantalum - it has a very low impedance and is very good for suppressing very small ripple.


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There's another undocumented capacitor on the board; it's a small ceramic cap in parallel with C10 on the +VBL line. I bet it's 0.1 uF or 0.01 uF.
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