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Compare humidity sensors SYH-1 and HR202L

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Hi All, Am new to the forum,live in Amsterdam. I do not know much about sensors, perhaps someone can guide/educate me.

I need to replace a SYH-1 Humidity sensor in a humidifier but cannot buy 1 piece of the same, minimum order is 100 pieces. Does someone know of another compatible humidty sensor? I found one that looks similar HR202L. The only difference i could tell was that the SYH-1 is 23kΩ and the HR202L is 31.0kω . I dont have a clue if that matters or not. Below are the specs for both, perhaps someone here can enlighten me on the subject.



Manufacturer SYHITECH

Sensor type humidity sensor

Measuring range 20%...95% RH

Tolerance ±5% RH

Body dimensions 14 x 18.5 x 5.8mm

Output configuration analogue voltage

Operating temperature 0...60°C

Resistance 23kΩ


Parameters: (at 1kHz) Unit: OhmOperating range: 20 ... 95% RH 0 ... 60 ℃

Supply voltage: 1.5V AC (Max sine wave)

Operating frequency: 500Hz ... 2kHz

Rated Power 0.2mW: (Max sine wave)

value: (at25 ℃ 1kHz 1V AC 60% RH sine wave) 31.0kω

Impedance range: (at25 ℃ 1kHz 1V AC 60% RH sine wave) 19.8 ... 50.2kω

Humidity measuring accuracy: ± 5% RH
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