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comments about Tx/Rx in C simutaneouly

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Hi all,

I'm doing the project about Tx/Rx signalling. I have 2 PICs, these 2 PICs will use USART to transmit/receive the signal.

Each PIC will check the signal on PORTB pin0 (whether 5V or 0V in digital) and send this signal to the other PIC to inform that it is high or low. And the same procedure for the other PIC.

I want to write the code C that will transmit the condition of PORTB to one PIC and receive the condition at the other PIC sent at almost the same time (I know that it is impossible to do this, so one has to happen before the other. Because the time the PIC runs so quick that we feel like it is parallelly running).

Would you please give me some idea about the source code!



USART's are bidirectional, two way simultaneous transmitions are possible, as long as the USART is hardware. Search google or look at Nigel's tutorials athttp://www.winpicprog.co.uk/pic_tutorial.htm
There is an exaustive amount of code for doing serial transmision out there.


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If you have hardware USARTs you can use interrupts on receive. Something like that( C18 syntax ):

#pragma interruptlow lowPriorityISR
void lowPriorityISR(void)
/* USART handler start */
		data = RCREG;           
'data' has to be declared as global volatile.
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