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I want to build a digital clock 24h with seconds.

I designed the circuit diagram but since I have no idea on circuits, I need some help.
My counters work as they should, and the design seems to be correct.
The only problem that I don't have the knowledge is if there is a need for some resistors so the chips and wires not heat up an destroy everything.
So please if anyone could suggest some add ons to the circuit it would be great.

The bottom right button, is supposed to be my pulse (not yet ready) so to test the counters.
I am thinking of suppling the circuit from a usb port of my computer.



Hi George,

Digital logic does not really need any resistors to work properly. As long as you have resistors on the segment drivers for the LED displays then you should be fine. Since it seems that you have that covered, there should be no problem.



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I am not worried if it gonna work or not.
I worry not to build something that might lead to really hot chips and cables. Is that dangerous?

Thanks again for your answer!
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