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Circuit simulation

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Hi, I found a video and a schematic (only the picture of the circuit not it's simulation file) in the internet and decided to make the circuit for my school project, so I simulated the circuit in the proteus. But the wave form in the oscilloscope is wrong.

This is the schematic I found:

and this is the answer I must have on the oscillosope:

This is the simulation I made:

and this is the result I got:

Why the wave forms I got from oscilloscope is not the same as the first simulation I found on the internet?
Please help me. If I don't finish it I may not go to university.


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I will give other details if needed
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Ian Rogers

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As pointed out by Mike ML in your "other" thread... Your circuit doesn't add up.. The circuit you have "simmed" is on a site that I don't wish to download from.... You can export ISIS id a bmp and paste it here so we can view it!!
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