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Circuit Board


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can someone let me know where I can buy or get repaired a printed circuit board from a floor model battery charger.The original board was made by Schumacher and part number 2999000980REV3.This company no longer make this board.


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What kind of damage is the board suffer from? If you post an image then someone can probably take an educational guess if it is possible/expensive to repeair vs. buy a new print board.
Say the nature of the damage includes that a big chunk of the board is missing, you have to find someone with the original drawings.

Do you know the full name of the battery charger?

For a whereabout answer on a repear shop - you either reveal your location and hope some around live in the same area, or be willing to spend some money to ship the card worldwide for any spechial repair shop to take a look.

If you decide it's not worth spending any more time on that project - here is another "solution" :
Send it to those guys - link. You sure won't get it in working order - but is's quite fun to watch.


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The battery charger was sold by Canadian tire but it was built by Schumacher.If you look at the board it has four plugins or 4 pins,in the top left corner and the bottom right corner these plugins are loose and needs to be re-soldered othe than that the board is in perfect shape.I certainly don't have a clue how to repair it but would like for someone to give me a phone number or address so I can approach them.Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Where are you located?
Possibly Phone me at 250-292-8180
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That simple layout should be easy to reverse engineer using a copier.
Identifying and locating the parts should tell you if repairs are possible.


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I can Easily pull it into Sprint Layout and Duplicate it.
Also create a schematic for it.

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