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Cheap Isolation Transformers

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I have purchased two fairly cheap isolation transformers from plccenter.com.

500SV46B by Groupe Schneider - Buy or Repair at PLCCenter
The item above is intended to be a 120 or 240 step down to 16 or 32 volts. I wired the secondary coils in parallel and capped them off so that they wouldn't short to anything. I used the two primary coils as though they were the primary and secondary coils. I can get a few hundred watts through that one and it works quite well. Cost is $85.50.

HS1F15AS by Sola Electric - Buy or Repair at PLCCenter
1500 watt behemoth and weighs in at about 40 lbs, cost is $120 or so. I have it configured as a 1 to 1 for 120v output and a 1 to 2 for a 240v output and have two outlets installed on it.

I also piked up a couple of thermal breakers from Mouser for $2.50 each.

Most isolation transformers I found online were in the $400 range for 500 watts. Thought I'd share this place.
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If you want cheap high power isolation transformers, roll them yourself. The hard part is the core =)
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