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Charge/discharge capacitor HV circuit

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Hello, newbie, so please, be patient with me.

I need some help for a circuit of charge / discharge of 2 capacitors: it’s a project for a capacitor discharge motor.
The capacitors are rated a 1700 volt and 2uF so power 2.89 J

The motor run at 1000 rpm or 16 turn for a second

The on window discharge is 60° on 360°

1000 msec/16 = time for a turn = 62.5 msec

62.5 msec / 6 (on discharge window is 1/6 of a turn) =10.4 msec

So a capacitor must discharge for a time of 10.4 msec and have a time for the recharge of 52 msec

With this data someone can help me to think a circuit for charge and discharge at this rate ?

I think to use SCR with a pic controller for the right timing.
I need some tips for the charging section, transformer, pulsing circuit for transformer, ect


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