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ceiling fan generator pedal power

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Our ceiling fan pedal generator will do about 60v dc/ .4 amps after rectifying. We have a 4v lead acid battery to charge with no info other than the charger which says 4v/300ma. This is my first post. Thanks.


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Welcome aboard. You've described a few things suggesting you have a question.

What is the question?

It's ok if you can't express your needs in the form of a single question - that's normal. Tell us what you are trying to do and we'll see what we can offer.


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I think he needs a DC-DC power supply module to step 60V down to 4V to charge the battery.

Kind of an odd voltage, lead acid batteries are usually 6V, 12v, 24V, etc. I think the phone company used 4V lead acids once upon a time... anyone remember?


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If you can get to the AC output of the fan, you can put it though a transformer.
Otherwise you can put the battery in series with any load you have attached and charge the battery at the same time.
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