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CD4029 equivalent?


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The CD4029 can run form a 15V supply or a 3V supply and 74xx can not. .......
The 4029 is a 4 bit counter binary or decade. I don't remember a 74xx that can do both. Are you going to use it on one mode only? If so there should be many 74xx parts that will work.
Look at 74ls90 through 93.
74ls160 through 163
74ls390 --- 393 (290----293)


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In that case, The 74xx191 should work for you.
Presentable, up/down counting. 4-bit set & output.

Also, check the '291 and '391 (I believe difference is pinout).

schmitt trigger

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They are similar, but there are subtle differences.

For instance the CD4029 mentions that the PRESET values are asynchronous whereas the 74LS161 are synchronous.
On the CD40xx devices most of the control input signals are asserted with a logic 1, whereas on the 74xx series they are usually asserted with a logic 0.
But not always!

You have to go thru all the truth tables and timing diagrams, side by side, to determine those differences.

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