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Car speed logger

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I am thinking of a car speed logger as my final year project. It can also be used with a motorcycle....
The speed of the car will be monitored continuously & recorded after every 10-15 minutes . Apart from this if the speed exceeds a threshold value , the value will be SMSed to a default no.
This project can also be coupled with an anti theft alarm thereby sending SMS to the same no. again

This project will find its application in todays world wherein we leave our car with the driver ....or if the car is used for commercial use.

Just to note that Olimex LPC2148 project board is readily available but I am not getting the circuit diagram..:(.If any body finds the diagram I will be ever grateful to him...:)

There might other features like warning the driver once when he exceeds the speed once with an alarm & the use of GPS

Please give me your views.



Circuit Diagram


Hope this is of some help to you - Circuit Diagram



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The LPC-P2148 schematic in pdf, as well as a rich bounty of projects including a usb driver are available on the olimex web site under ARM development boards and tools.
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