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car park system with PIC

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hi guys...
i'm in a rush for this project.. and i've no idea how to start with it
i have to finish it within 1 and half months from now.

ok.. let me explain...
it's a car park system, which, when the driver goes in, there's a screen showing where got empty parking space. and that particular empty space will have a light on. All will be running in simulation only...
which means i'll build a model car park with sensors using PIC to take signals and send into the computer, and show it on the screen.

ok... my idea of the electronic part is..

i think i'll just use the basic logic electronics, which is 'high' and 'low'.
every parking lot will be install with LDR and when a car is parked there, there'll be a different signal go into the PIC,(other than those empty). means that, if empty = 'high', then occupied= 'low'.
then, the PIC will send this signal to the computer telling which parking lot is empty.
the PIC will also send a signal to the lights of empty park space.

the problem is, i dunno how to connect the PIC to the computer...
and in the computer, i dunno what kind of software language i have to use.
it's kinda complicated for me.. as my electronics basic is not that good...

pls advice....

i'll keep on updating if there's more idea caming into my mind..

thank guys...


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Pic16f877 has a built in UART wich allows easy connection to the serial port of a pc (com1, com2,...).

You will have to use a MAX232 level converter because the serial port on the pc uses +12V/-12V and a pic 5V/0V
like this

On the pc side it depends on the platform you use. Is it DOS or windows?
In Dos you'll have no choise and will have to learn hardware control of the pc uart or find a good library for port usage. Under windows you can use visual basic and use MSComm (a microsoft serial port library) for easy access to serial port


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thanks pal... but at the moment, i dun think i'm going to connect to PC yet..
have to finish my hardware part first

i just finish buildling the PIC programmer on a project board.
and now i'm trying to build it on a PCB using Protel 99SE

i don't know how to use protel... can anyone please teach me..??

i can't find PIC 16F877, so i've created a library and draw out that chip, which only those pins needed, which is pin 1, 11, 12, 31, 32, 36, 39, and 40.

i can draw the schematic diagram.. but i cannot build the PCB diagram out..

i totally got no idea how to use protel... somebody please help....

time is running out...


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If you aren't too attached to Protel, I recently downloaded a trial version of Proteus from their website. It has the 16f877 micro in it's library. Also has extensive tutorial section in the help files. It must be very easy to use, I figured it out.

Hope this helps.


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Proteus?? hhmm... never heard of it... can have a try also... where to get it ar?

my lecturer is asking us to use Protel to design all our PCBs
but i'm not familiar with this kinda designing software. normally, i'll do it manually... never use a computer to design a PCB layout diagram also...

Alex Ng

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I am interested in ur project, but it seem this very long ago post. I wonder if u can share ur design with me. I need some guideline too.

- what program do u use in pc to interface pc to pic. Can u share the Sourcecode
- what program do u use in pic. Can u share the sourcecode
- last thing, do u improve your project
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