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Car alarm

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I have tried to install an alarm (Uniden VS255XR) to my car.
Alarm is working ok. Still I could not gigur out central locking.

Need a interface to connect central locking.

When door open and close, It switch either no 1 or 2 to ground.
Same thing should work with the interface relay.

But It does not work.

I belive wiring is ok nothing wrong. I suspect connection.

If connection is not good ( high resistive), is it possible to inoperate relays in 12 V system. (In 12 V system wirings draws high currents I belive , correct me if I am wrong)

Any suggestions.

Many thanks.
It is not clear from your description how the thing is wired.

Can you post a diagram? It would help.
The attached is the block diagram.
My car is "Mitsubishi Diamente".
I wan to know how to wire the realy out put (1 and 2 on the block diagram ) to central locking switch of the above car.


My system doesn't reognise the .sch file extension.

Can you re-post as a .gif?
I do not have circuit diagrram for the alarm, I send the block diagram,
Now my point is where to connect remote control system int car central locking system,.

Car is Mitsubishi Diamante 1995.
I was able to connect the system to Driver side door.
It works all other 3 doors when I disconnect driver door actuater.

If connect tthe driver side door actuater , Ican here the sound trying to operate but cannot lock.

Once all doors are locked, I can unlock with remote I installed.

Any idea much appreciated.
I think you have to focus to this perticuler model.



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Go to the "car security" section then door locks for some info on it...

I found it...
Constant 12V+  Red  Ignition Switch Harness  
Starter  Black/Yellow  Ignition Switch Harness  
Ignition  Black/White  Ignition Switch Harness  
Accessory Blue/Red Ignition Switch Harness  
Tach White/Blue Or White (-) at Multi Coil Pack or ECM  
Brake Switch     Green  Brake Switch  
Trunk Pin Green/Black (-)  Trunk Light  
Parking Lights Green/White (+)  Driver's Kick Panel or Light Switch (-)  
Hood Pin Brown/Silver (-)  Driver's Side lower Dash  
Factory Disarm Brown/Red (-)  Inside Driver's Door  
Door Trigger Green/Orange (-)  Courtesy Light under Dash  
Door Lock Red (-)  Above Fuse Panel at bottom of T-Shaped Harness  
Door Unlock Red/Green (-)
Thanks for everybody.
I was able to do it.
First thing is .............connection should be good and solid.
Other thin is locking position. It operates when disconnect the ground or when the circuit breaks.

Thank every body,
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