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Capacitor bank arangments?

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I am new, salutations to all.
I am doing research and I have a project going on that has to do with Energy from the vaccuum. anyway its about free energy.

I understand a little how series and paralell capacitor banks work, but what about when say two capacitors are wired seperately- So they are not interacting as a unit per se.

As each one is pulsed and then being fed to the Isolation transformer. Would this be a design for two phase?

These are Big 5.5 KV 32 uf.

It is stated I will need more than two. so series or paralell is understandable but the independant capacitor cenerio seems strange?

The output from the resonator is two wires. So also is the input to the Isolation transformer.
Bill would you like to folow my build and prove me wrong? or try to prove your statement right?
or would you like to say I am a fruit cake next..
what happedned to keeping it civil? huh?
I will gladly leave this forum if you want to disprove your own hypothetical statement be my guest!
I guess the sun's energy is not free or the electricty that comes from amber is not free or the magnetism in natural magnets or on and on. what about anybody getting up in the morning is this not free? it does come from somewhere but can you explain where?

Forgive me for being forcful, I feel your statement is routed in the status quo. and your abilities.

Back to the subject of my question...
I intend on manipulating 40,000 volts of induction, I presume you can folow me Bill, I am going to put this into these capacitors, adjust the CPS for 240V and so on. the question has to do with how I should stack the capacitor bank.
Like I said I only know so much about this type of operation. if you don't know this operation I would apreaciate no input.
H2O, no one here will help with 'free energy' threads. Not one has ever worked, not one ever will. The transfer of energy from two points ALWAYS results in a net loss of total energy in the system, it's a basic thermodynamic law of closed systems and is inviolate to attack from any idea. If you want help in these forums with an electrical device ask a technical question and leave your ideas out of it and we may assist you at that point.

As far as your original post goes you have not provided enough information to even guess at what you're trying to do. No matter what series or parallel network of capacitors that you use regardless of weather or not they're connected together or not will ALWAYS result in a net loss of energy between the input and ouput. ALWAYS, if you want proof please follow my provided link bellow to the basic laws of thermodynamics, which have as yet, not been broken.

If you can provide more technical information on the electrical setup of the system you're trying to build please do so and post in concisely and with no babble talk.
manipulating 40,000 volts of induction
for example does not make sense, induction is not measured in voltage. I have never heard the term CPS before, and the 'so on' makes no sense as you've not describe a working system in any way shape or form.

Users here will generally help with any technical information, but you have as yet not provided any, you've just said a few numbers and associated them with a few electrical terms with absolutely no information on the true electrical system involved. So again if you're trying to take a given electrical input and make the given electrical output larger, please CAREFULLY read the link bellow. Specifically law number 1.

Laws of thermodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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If you spend a lot of energy making 40,000V, then it will quickly leak away.
Capacitors store DC, not AC.
Capacitors that can survive 40,000V have an extremely small value.

Something is missing in your text to convert 40,000V to only 230V. A transformer reduces AC, not DC.

What is a "CPS"??
Cycles per second
Thank you all,
This is my last post here if I get is the sence you are trying to make me justify my studies!
Whether this works or not I am just trying to be safe. These are big numbers.
I am the only one duplicating this project at this time and if you all do not mind just seeing me through this. you all are welcome to watch my failure or success.

If on the other hand you are not interrested in maybe learning what I am learning, about Free energy I will gladly Gladly leave you to your own devices. First let me disclaim this free energy groupie thing. I do not know what it is, or where it comes from, I only want to have your analytical help in being safe. That is it! If I hand you the hot potato I want you to show or tell me where the handle is! That is all I want from any of you. Moreover, you could probably grind up all the people in the free energy croud and you would lprobably not have (ajoule) in the bunch.

I am supose to get 40,000 V of magnetic induction from a 15 turn, air-core coil stationed above my plasma globe. "400 miligauss X 100 V per 1 Miligauss" =40,000 V magnetic induction.

I have not measured the 120 curent powering my magnetic supplier but if you have a plasma globe you can get that number. it is truely insignificant.
Everyone knows that magnetic induction will not hurt or bite.
Now these systems are closed and stand alone. (the globe and the air core coil independantly), An example of this being undiminished is a radio station, it does not matter how many people are tuning in we all get the same input. and the radio station does not need to add power for every person who tunes in.

Fron this place again two wires come from the Air core coil whitch go to the caps.
lets see; if I stack them up in series the values would look like 16.5 KV and 32 uf?
Or if I put them in paralell I would have 5,5 KV and 96 uf I do not know which will be safer. or like I tried to ask before is there another way of doing this?
From this point this magnetic induction is suposed to be safe but I do not want to find out the bad way.

Alright this is where I am.
I am waiting on my LCR meter and The caps. the Isolation transformer is in the mail.

When I get the LCR meter I will be able to measure what I actually have, and make the adjustment in cycles per second, using a resistor and by using the reactance chart in the book electronic tables and formulas.

I will try to ask the question a little differently; lets just forget how I am producing this enormusly large amount of energy and concider if you were to apply a capacitor in this position how would you stack the caps?

I can not imagine how many Heneries I will be measuring ,
I figure I will have somewhere around 32 and 96 uf capacitance, and I do not know what the Resistance value will be. When I get the LCR meter I will post what I am reading.
I am shooting strait from the hip on this one and yes I am so ignorant about this stuff it is scary to say the least.

Uncle $crouge,
I am not able to answer your question none of this stuff makes any sence to me.
I am trying to be as concise as possible and these misteries are why I have come here.

I cannot prove anything except I am here writing and communicating with whoever reads, I have nothing it would take to varify any law, reguardless right or wrong.
I agree that this stuff does not make any sense (check your spelling) to you or to anybody else.
You don't know what you are talking about.

Free energy is impossible.
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Actually the suns energy is as free as the air, it's the collecting it part that doesn't come cheap. But you're not trying to harness the suns energy according to your post.
That is correct Bill,
Just like th Sun produces magnetic gamma flux that a solar cell collects and converts it to DC., so does the plasma globe exert magnetic flux, which the air cor coil picks up.

This is all theory and that is why I am working throughh the details to see if it is true.

Sorry about the spelling. I do try my best to proof read.
A plazma globe uses a fairly high amount of power to make a small amount of light.
An air core of an electromagnet near it will pickup only a small portion of its power.

So you have a fairly high power going in and a fairly low power coming out.
It is not doing anything except heating itself.
Ok, this is over my head so I just have to take your word about what you know.

What I believe is proposed is, collecting this radient energy within the coil and moving it through the capacitors.
Sounds pretty simple to me.
Yes it is simple.
You input 10 watts and get only 2 Watts out. You lose power, not gain power.
The power you lose makes heat.
What I understand is I am dealing with magnetic induction devoloped in a different way than the normal generator. The coil and the caps both store energy is what I understand.

So I will have to see what happens when I put this 400 gauss into the coil and then into the caps. and measure from that point.
Which I still do not know how to configure the caps.
Oh that reminds me, where does the energy come from that comes out of the generator?
Well I am sure everyone agrees that it does not come from the gas you put in to run it. or the turbine water that turnes it right.
The magnets inside the generator do not get depleted, they are constantly being reenergised by the transient fluxing of the rotating rotor. Moreover, the magnets in any of these type of systems are surely not capable of storing the amount of electricty that these type generators continually produces, right? generators produce millions of volts daily and that magnatism is still small but produces a large output. these are not losses. This energy comes from somewhere.
I am doing is the same thing. The magnetism is compounded into the resonant coil and resonated with the capacitors, changed into usable energy then and only then is it put into the Isolation transformer.
Bill, you are amasing all you have is contention and distain I am surprised you know what a kid is.

I came to get a fairly simple answer. It seems you would rather me folow your new direction, irreguardless if yu knew the answer or not. I do not know if you are just that ignorant or just a bully.
I thank god that I am not your kid. And god forbid you are a teacher.
Its people like you who would rather preech the salvation of there own god who make people gravitate to ignorance. Your ignorance is, you want people to only believe in what somone has made you believe. Probably your father.
How do you expect to invent an overunity motor if you don't understand how a generator works, are you in High School, have you ever taken a science course?
A good science teacher would not teach fairy magic.
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