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Can't output to RC0 or RC2

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I'm using a PIC18F2550 and struggling to output to RC0 and RC2 (I can output to RC1 fine). My registers are as follows:

PORTC: 11000111
T1CON: 00000000
TRISC: 00000000
LATC: 11000111
T3CON: 00000000

Sorry I don't know if all of that is relevant, but anyway. Why won't the RC0 and RC2 outputs turn on?


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If you are running using the code I sent the other day it may be an error I made :rolleyes:
In the config Line I left it with DEBUG=ON, it should be OFF.

Attached is the code I have just had flashing a led on PORTC,0.

Also, do not use both the PORT and LAT commands - LAT, according to Microchip should be used in preferance to the PORT instruction - although 99% of coders still use PORT


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