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Can't find Cable Assembly

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I'm in the UK and looking for somewhere to get a pre-wired PCB header connector. 6-8 way and 2.0amp per pole. 200mm fly leads.

There must be a company out there that does off the shelf connectors or if you have seem similar sold as a replacment part then Please please point me to it.

I am designing a PCB and so I can be felxible, I can't sit there making these wires if I get orders! and I don't want a bespoke assembly as I can imagine it will cost, just want a off the shelf job, cheap :D


Nigel Goodwin

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Re: I though about that.

Scarr said:
I thought about that, but 2.0amp pre wire is a problem, I can't beleive there is nothing like this.


Nobody is going to manufacture an item like that just on the off chance somebody might want to buy a few. The link you posted is obviously made for a specific purpose - the problem with finding one is that they will normally be internal to the company that uses them, so you've no way of finding them.

What sort of quantity are you talking about?.


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Check into Amp Flexstrip, it is rated at 3 amps. Mouser only carries up to 4 inch (10 cm) length but Amp no doubt has longer. You can plug one end into the PC board and strip the other end to go where you want.



It does not have to be that particular item, any 8 way header with fly leads is fine, I am just finishing the PCB and can put any resonable sized connector on it.

What do you guys normally do if you make 50,100,1000 of something and you need connectors?

Is there companies that make this sort of thing in batches of 50?


P.S. In UK
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