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Can you help me pls

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majed alblooshi

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I can't sleep I have to build the oscillator in proto board also I have to build the last part in last page but I don't know how to build it
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It is a very simple Wien Bridge oscillator that has thousands of articles about it online. Don't you have a teacher or a textbook to explain it? It is very simple to build, test and demonstrate.
The schematic shown in the task shows a very old 741 opamp. If you look at Wien Bridge Oscillator online then you will see them made with vacuum tubes, transistors and opamps.


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One of the requirements for your assignment is:

Autonomy/independence has been demonstrated.

And exactly how are you going to demonstrate this if you pay someone to do the assignment for you?

You are the perfect example of a person who I would not hire!


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We are not here to do your homework for you, and we absolutely refuse to do so. That defeats the purpose of the assignment, as MikeMl said. You need to do the work, show us what you have so far, and where you get stuck. We can then help you get past the part where you're stuck, but you still need to do the assignment. We are not here to be hired to do some lazy student's homework for them.
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