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Can opto-couplers be opened up to be light activated? (ie used for their phototransistor)


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I'd paraphrase it as "It's hardly a new idea".
Again, my point was,, atferrari only suggested it as a solution that could be implemented without ordering and waiting for a new part.

Since atferrari didnt suggest it was a new idea, There was no reason he should told he was "late" with his solution. I had to laugh at Nigel's pomposity and thought he'd understand that an apology was in order.


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Get a low power transistor with the type of your preference with metallic encapsulation.

File the top carefully (that means, with patience) and you could get a useful PT. Clean the white goo inside, if any, and you are in business.

Did that with 2N2222, 2N3711 and even with a 2N3055.
You beat me to it...... ;)

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