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Can any of you brainy people help me out ?

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I'm fairly new to this sort of thing, so go easy on me :D
What I am trying to do is build a FM frequency shifter for a car radio aerial.
Its so I can use my US radio in the UK, the shifter needs to be 0.1mhz so that the radio will step on even numbers not odd ones.
Like this: http://www.edl.co.nz/ConvertersHP/pb1500.htm
Unfortunatly no where in the UK sells them :roll:
So can any of you guys tell me where to start ??
I can understand your basic circuit diagram, I have some knowledge from little projects I have done. But parts lists etc. would be very helpfull, as I wouldn't have a clue where to start to be honest :lol:
Please help, or let me know if you think this can / can't be done.

Thank you


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Have you written to the company? Sometimes it is easier to just buy a product ready-made. This may be especially true for this project because construction of projects that deal with Radio Frequency are not easy. High frequencies (100 MHz area) are VERY hard...at least for me.


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I have emailed the company who make them, but they haven't got back to me as yet.
I'm definatley will to have a go at it, if someone can point me in the right direction.


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FM Frequency shifter ????

I wonder if this device is actually required...
It means you will never recieve dozens of stations;
Where I live we have the following ...

Classic FM is on 101.1 MHz
BBC Radio 1 is on 98.3 or 98.9
BBC Radio 2 is on 88.8 or 89.3
BBC Radio 3 is on 90.9 or 91.5
BBC Radio 4 is on 93.7 or 93.1

Ther are some stations on 'even numbers', BBC Radio 1 is on 98.2 for London.

How about just seeing what you get and ignoring the rest :wink:
Try http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/radio1.shtml for more...

Next idea ... a good second-hand car radio/cassette can be bought for £50


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I will have to see how I get on, and what stations I can receive, when the stereo arrives. But I wanted to gather some information, and find out if it is actually possible to build one in the event I can't get a good reception.
Its actually a new unit I am importing from the US, as its not available over here.
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