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C compiler for PIC

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Hi pic gurus,

I am willing to buy a fully licensed C compiler for 12f/16f and 18f 's.
I need a advice which one is better affordable and works best ( code optimization) ?

Thanks .
I'd say to go for the HiTech C compiler, it'll probably be getting a lot better in the near future now that Microchip owns HTsoft.


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I would take a good look at boostC for general purpose work.

I do not think optimization should be a large factor unless you are going into production and need to squeeze the last 25 cents out of a design.

As much as any of us would like a one size fits all solution you may end up using a given compiler because there is a USB stack or other such support.
Of course, you could always just man up and learn assembly, but I digress, that's not the point of this thread, really.


i am ok with the assembly lang , but would like to program in C .
Hitech C is too expensive .
I would rather go with BoostC . :)


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Why not just use the free version until you are more comfortable with it. I currently have a project with a 4*20 LCD, a 24LC1025 EEPROM, a DS1307 RTC and 3 one wire DS1820s. It's a temperature logger using a 16F886 and all the code fits within the limitation of the free version.


Russ Hensel

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Another voice for BoostC, but it does not, I think, use the extended instruction set for the 18F series. How much does optimization matter ( how do you know )?


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I think an important question here is, which ones are best documented, have the most example script, and are generally easy to get up and running with a given PIC. Because what really matters is if you will be able to use it. Unless your a pro anway, what you can figure out how to do with it matters more than what its theoretically capable of.
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I guess another aspect is which gives supports with extensive library functions .
I agree CSS has a long list of library functions for most of the perpherials in a PIC microcontrollers.
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