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Building Truck For Son, need help with electronic audio circut

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To start off i know nothing about electronic circuts. i am simply a father with an idea for his three year old son's newly accuired used F-150 style power wheel. I bought it off craigslist for 50 and because he is in a transformers kick, painted it like optimus prime. Flames autobot logos and all.
I want to try and wire two silver speakers (horns) on top of the truck that would play both the transforming sound, and a line off a collection of stored sayings. I didn't know if there was some way to connect two arcade style normally-off style buttons to an audio device that could store and send mono/stereo output to the speakers. all of course ran off a battery system that is independent of the main truck battery.
any thoughts would be cool.
Last resort is just getting two old school horns, but to have the voice and the transforming sound would make my son pee his paints in excitement.


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sound help

I have been researching something lately that i think may help with this.
They have some chips out there called chipcorders, isd1700 is a popular series of the chips. they allow you to hook up a chip to a circuit and record different sounds on to it either through mic in or aux in and then you can place the chip in a playback circuit and have it play when either a button is pushed or a sensor is blocked, all depending on how you hook it up.

I know you said that you no nothing about electronic circuits but if you have exhausted all of your other resources i would love to help you out with this design


If you are a super novice the easiest route might be for you to just use one or several old obsoltete consumer made mp3 players. Maybe something like this or this.

You can load it with the sounds you want and then take it apart and solder wires in place to bypass the original push buttons with the ones you want to use. Maybe you'll get lucky and find one with a shuffle mode so you can use it for the different sayings.

Which ever mp3 player you decide on it will liekly take a little tinkering to figure out how to adapt it to your project. Some of the things you'll need to figure out are what is the mp3's voltage requirement(i.e. 1.5V, 3V, 9V)? This might be as easy as just looking at what kind of batteries it takes and if it uses more than one, whether they are connected in series or parallel. Also you'll have to figure out a way to wire it to turn on automatically when the truck is powered up. This could be as simple as shorting the power on switch so it comes on automatically when power is applied.

Last but not least, the output will need to be amplified before being fed into the speakers. The amplifier you choose will depend somewhat on the speakers you decide on. There are ready made relatively inexpensive kits out there you can solder together yourself. Here is an example of one but there are tons of others.

Good luck.


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these are both really great ideas, as it turns out my buddy is going to school for circuts, i thought he was in cad design. so i do have someone that could help me with it but he is still in school. the mo3 player idea was what i originally thought of but i was concerend with the ability for the player to only play a sound when the switch is hit, and play a different sound everytime. the isd1700 seems like the perfect thing for the project but the cheapest i found was $150, putting $150 into a $50 used power wheel seems crazy. But its for my boy and i will if i can't find another way. i also thought about just one of those Optimus Prime helmets that play all the sounds, taking it apart and then wire it into the truck using the arcade buttons for the triggers. With the helmet only having a dozen or so sayings it would be cool but not as cool as loading it with your own clips. being a nerd i have a bit of knowledge about transformers and i know of many clips that would be fairly amusing to use. do you think that there would be a way to over write the pre-recorded stuff on the helmet?

once again you guys are awesome and your making a fathers dream come true by giving my son the optimus prime power wheel that i always wanted.


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heres the bfore and after so far of what ive done to the truck. still need to put the red flames on the sides on top of the blue.



Really nice work - maybe soon you will be doing a show on prime time TV 'Pimp my Kids Ride' or similar
Your kids gonna love this .


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my first thought and it is very simple -- some Knight Rider type leds in the grill and add some noise.
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