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building a robot.

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i am interested in building a small robot. a bug or something like this, ir maybe even a larger and more complicated one, but i have no ideas. so some websited are great.
please send me your favourite website, containing a robot project, schematic and other things that might be useful. or if you have some ideas please share them!!!


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come on, why doesnt anybody reply? i searched the net, but i dont have enough time, so please send me some interesting links!!!


well i have been replying elsewhere bogdan 8) .

i m afraid i never found any good sites describing the mechanical setup of the robot. those who do a bit mention things that are not available easily.

most other sites mention 'autonomous' robots that use microcontrollers and stepper motors.
though some sites give good info on elctronic aspects. still none could satisfy me.

i personaly prefer using off the shelf items easily available anywhere in the world. thats the reason i always look for components used in
tape decks/floppy drives/cd drives etc.

so when designing my present robot, i decided to use the tape deck motor. beacuse of its great power and low price. then i needed a way to drive them so i searched for ICs that r used in the decks/VCRs for that
purpose. and thats how i discovered ba6209 and ba6238. i looked into its datasheet and found almost half of the schematic i needed.
i were to use 4 motors and thus needed 4X2 = 8 bits for the control of the robot.
looking at the nature of the bit patterns i actualy required led to the idea of using DTMF tones to transport 4 bits to the robot and decoding them there into 8 bits. i used CM8870 as the tone decoder and CD4555BE as the
4 to 8 bit decoder. the only thing required was to transport the tones wirelessly to the bot. i used commercialy available FM Rx module a simple 1 transistor FM Tx for that.

hope that helps.
mechanical design will b clear from the pics i will post.
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