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:shock: You're going to have to be more specific. Are we talking about a data buffer, a buffer circuit, or the white fuzzy thing attached to a motor used for polishing cars? :roll:


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Well depends on what it's used for, if it's an Audio buffer, it's used to control the volume of the sound so as not to blow a speaker.

If you are reffering to a different kind, please specify, but most are used just to keep a circuit from peaking/overloading and breaking.


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cleopatra said:
are buffers used for impedance matching?
are there more uses of such a circuit?
Buffers are interposed between a source and a load that the source is not able to drive directly, i.e., when more current is required than the source can provide. You could call this impedance matching in a general sense. The more common meaning of "impedance matching" is to create a source impedance that equals the load impedance, in order to provide maximum power transfer, minimize reflections on transmission lines, etc.
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