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Better small buffer option

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In the past I used a 74HC125 and 74HC126 quad buffers to make a serial AT89S52 programmer. But now Im trying to integrate multiple programmers on one board but the chip that is making routing hard is the chips I mentioned.

I was looking for substitutes and the only one that has a clean setup is the 74HC245. (inputs on one side of chip and outputs on other side).

I'm using such chips because when I'm not programming the chip, (example: when chip is running code), I don't want to disturb it which is where tri-state chips (like 74HC125) come in handy.


Is there a chip in the HC series that functions like the 74HC125 and 74HC245 but doesn't have as many pins as the 74HC245? All I require in the chip are four independant inputs, their outputs and one enable pin and the power pins.

The 74HC244 would have been perfect, but it has two of what I'm looking for built into one chip with unclean pin arrangement (example, output pin is next to input pin instead of on the other side of the chip).

Any ideas? It needs to be HC and DIP.
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