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Broken Massage Chair 838B-3

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Hi all,
I have a massage chair that does not work, I got it almost for free but I do not know what is wrong with it.
The first time I switch it on it reclined fine and I could hear some "click" from a relay. but now it does not work at all.
Could you please help me to diagnose what could be wrong with it? I just have a tester.
I changed the fuse (it comes with an spare fuse) and also I noticed that when I move the remote control the display turns on an off randomly.

You can see some images here:




Thank you very much for your help


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"when I move the remote control the display turns on an off"
that is a huge indicator that there is a break in the cord somewhere,

wiggle the wire and find the weak spot, the ohmmeter can confirm the break down in the wire,
from there it is simple and/or: splice, trim, replace,, maintain the guage of the wire

....if there was a short somwhere i hope it didnt damage other circuits....but prolly not..


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Hey Dr_Doggy, you saved me many hours on this chair. As you said, I replaced the cable with a similar I took from an old TV and it WORKED !!!
Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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